GrowGeneration GrowPro Episode 1: GreenBroz Model M Trimmer Review

In the first episode of the GrowPro series, Eric heads to The Clinic to speak with staff and members of GreenBroz about the new Model M trimmer.

A streamlined design means this dry trimmer is extremely easy to clean. The control panel rests outside the machine, allowing for a quick machine breakdown, cleaning, and reassembly with minimal concern for electrical parts. This enhanced cleaning feature will pass the most strict compliance standards, both in the United States, as well as internationally, ensuring that your harvest will remain in compliance for years to come. This is the machine that lets you produce hand-trimmed quality results - gently. High-grade stainless steel, a whisper-quiet motor and being easier to clean up than ever before making it clear: this is the dry trimmer cultivators can depend on.

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